Continuing a family tradition

Patrolman Nick Tunstall (left) is congratulated and welcomed to the City of Darlington Police Force by Chief of Police, Jimmy Davis. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

By Stephan Drew, Editor

At just 21 years old, Patrolman Nicholas Tunstall has embarked on a journey that’s deeply rooted in his family’s tradition of law enforcement. Recently welcomed as the newest member of the Darlington Police Department, Nicholas is not only stepping into the shoes of a police officer but also following in the footsteps of his father, Nathan “Shaun” Tunstall, who retired as the Assistant Chief of Police Services.

Nicholas’s path to becoming a police officer was paved with inspiration from his father’s distinguished career. Growing up witnessing his father’s dedication to serving the community, Nicholas was motivated to embrace a similar path. He recognized the vital role law enforcement plays in maintaining public safety and ensuring justice for all citizens. This familial influence, combined with his innate sense of duty, guided Nicholas towards his decision to join the police force.

The journey to becoming a police officer culminated in Nicholas’s graduation from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy on August 11th. This milestone marked the beginning of his formal career in law enforcement, and the Darlington Police Department eagerly welcomed him to their ranks. The academy’s rigorous training equipped him with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical foundation to uphold the responsibilities of his role effectively.

Beyond his commitment to law enforcement, Nicholas possesses a diverse range of interests and experiences that contribute to his well-rounded character. In his free time, he finds solace in fishing – a hobby that mirrors the patience and perseverance required in police work. Additionally, Nicholas’s high school years were punctuated by his involvement in football, where he learned the values of teamwork, discipline, and dedication.

Nicholas Tunstall’s ties to the Darlington community run deep. He is a proud alumnus of Darlington High School, having graduated in 2020. This local connection not only underscores his familiarity with the community’s dynamics but also demonstrates his dedication to serving his hometown and the people who call it home.

Nicholas’s personal and professional principles are encapsulated in his heartfelt motto: “I am a public servant with a commitment to equal justice and service to all, as a friend of the community.” This declaration reflects his dedication to upholding the values of fairness, integrity, and compassion in his role as a police officer. He views his position as an opportunity not only to enforce the law but also to build bridges of trust and understanding between law enforcement and the community.

As Patrolman Tunstall embarks on his law enforcement journey, he brings with him a legacy of service and a strong determination to make a positive impact. With a father who has dedicated his life to the police force and a personal motto that reflects his values, Nicholas is poised to become an invaluable asset to the Darlington Police Department. His commitment to upholding equal justice and fostering community connections ensures that he will not only be a dedicated officer but also a true friend to the community he serves.

Author: Stephan Drew

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