The Darlington County Deincarcerating Status Offenders (DSO) Stakeholder Coalition conducted a meeting this morning at the Matthew and King Education Center, 115B Exchange Street in Darlington. The group’s mission is to focus on decreasing the truancy and incarceration of our youth, helping them to find more positive outlets for their energy. Today’s speaker was Brittany Crowley, Community Relations Coordinator at Children’s Trust of South Carolina, who gave a presentation on the FindHelp program, a computer platform aimed at helping those within the community to find the resources and assistance they so deseperately need.
Pictured here (in front): Mary Benjamin (Community Liaison with New Vision Community Development Corp.), Patsy Sawyer (Chief Operating Officer of the Darlington Community Foundation). (Back Row): Roneka Benjamin (Exec. Dir. of Girl I Got You), Wayne Brown (Exec. Dir. of New Vision), Deputy Brianna Zimmerman (Darlington County Sheriff’s Office), Jessica Cohen (Chief Strategist of Sparso Co.), Stephen Scoff (Juvenile Justice Program Mgr., S.C. Children’s Law Center), Molly Bloo9m (Research Associate, S.C. Children’s Law Center), Tanya Dixon (Juvenile Justice Program Coordinator, S.C. Children’s Law Center), Brittany Crowley (Community Relations Coordinator, Children’s Trust of S.C.), Joyce Coe Everett (Community Outreach with Darlington County Sheriff’s Office), Jordyn Jefferson (Public Relations, Darlington County Sheriff’s Office), Robinesha Stucks (Victims Advocate, Darlington County Sheriff’s Office). PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

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