Coker partners with Robinson Ventures

Coker University is partnering with Robinson Ventures, a nationwide consulting firm working in the healthcare and higher education markets, to offer learning experiences focused on the world of venture capitalism to their students.
Kelsey Gibbons, a senior majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Chemistry and Seraphin Kibonge, a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Communication, were selected as the inaugural Venture Fellows.
“We believe a student needs to cap their collegiate learning with experience in a corporate environment if they are to be truly valued once they graduate. Classroom knowledge as a foundation is important, but if they cannot understand corporate expectations or speak the language, they will be at a disadvantage,” states Cian Robinson, president and founder, Robinson Ventures.
Students from Coker University assist in the deal-flow processes up to negotiations with potential portfolio companies as well as researching and analyzing trends to identify the best early-stage companies and founding teams for investment. Additionally, Venture Fellows give operative support to portfolio companies as well as create investment proposals and presentations for internal and external use.
Seraphin Kibonge states, “I wanted to be a Venture Fellow to take advantage of the unique opportunity to gain direct experience with venture funds and the venture capital process. Inspired by this Fellowship, a future goal of mine is to provide similar venture capital opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing nations, nations like the one I was born in. I am truly excited to be an inaugural member and thank Coker University and Robinson Ventures for the opportunity.”
Kelsey Gibbons also stated, “I wanted to become a Venture Fellow to better understand investment opportunities and what criteria goes into these decisions. This opportunity has taught me how to complete the due diligence process. I will use this in my future career to research the companies and products I am selling in pharmaceutical sales. I am very excited to be one of the first Venture Fellows at Coker University and Robinson Ventures.”
With the quality of work exhibited by the first two Venture Fellows, Robinson Ventures hopes to have up to three students engaged each year. “As both Seraphin and Kelsey have provided true value to the work done by Robinson Ventures on behalf of its clients, we would like to offer additional Venture Fellowship spaces to Coker students,” notes Robinson. “I think this is a true win-win for the students and for companies looking to hire graduates with experience in a corporate setting.”
“Coker University is committed to ensuring that all of its students graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their careers,” stated Marvin Keene, Dean of the Coker University School of Business. “This fellowship with Robinson Ventures provides our students with experiences they simply cannot get in a classroom. This sort of experiential learning is exactly what future business leaders need and it is just what Coker University seeks to provide for its students. We are fortunate to have great business partners, like Robinson Ventures, who offer meaningful experiences for our students.”

Author: Stephan Drew

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