Brunson-Dargan to be demolished

Brunson Dargan Elementary School, located at 400 Wells St. in Darlington, is to be demolished. PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

By Stephan Drew, Editor

In a community’s life, change is an inevitable and essential element. The impending demolition of Brunson Dargan Elementary School (formerly Brunson Dargan Jr. High), located at 400 Wells St. in Darlington, is a significant milestone that marks progress and growth for the town. After sitting vacant for approximately three years, the school has become burdened with numerous structural, electrical, and plumbing issues. So, the Darlington County School District’s Board of Education has voted unanimously to have it taken down. While the demolition comes with a hefty price tag of over half a million dollars, it is a crucial step towards revitalizing the area and increasing the value of the property.

Over the years, Brunson Dargan has served as an educational institution and a source of community pride. However, its decline in recent times has been evident, with the building falling into a state of disrepair. Structural issues such as crumbling walls, weakened foundations, and deteriorating roofs have posed safety risks. Moreover, outdated electrical and plumbing systems have rendered the building inefficient and unable to meet modern standards.

The decision to demolish the School is not taken lightly. The safety and well-being of the community, particularly its children, must always be the utmost priority. With the building’s deteriorating condition, the risk of accidents and potential harm to trespassers has increased. By removing this dilapidated structure, the community will be rid of a potential hazard and make room for safer, more beneficial developments.

The demolition of Brunson Dargan carries a substantial cost, but it also presents a unique opportunity to increase the value of the property. The vacant school building, with its array of structural issues, has diminished the appeal of the surrounding area. By removing this eyesore, the property’s potential for redevelopment becomes significantly more attractive. The cleared space could potentially be used for a variety of purposes, such as new residential or commercial developments, or even green spaces that can benefit the community.

The decision to invest in the demolition of the school is an investment in the future of Darlington. The cost of the demolition may seem daunting, but it pales in comparison to the long-term benefits it will bring. The removal of the old structure opens up possibilities for revitalization and growth in the community. It can attract new investments, improve property values, and create opportunities for new businesses and community spaces.

The upcoming destruction of Brunson Dargan marks a significant turning point for Darlington. While the decision comes with a substantial financial investment, it is a necessary step towards ensuring community safety and enhancing the overall value of the area. The removal of the dilapidated building will pave the way for future development and revitalization, opening doors to a brighter future for the town. With the demolition, the community can embrace progress and look forward to a new chapter in the history of Darlington.

Author: Stephan Drew

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