‘Big fight’ breaks out in Hartsville

“A big fight” that erupted Feb. 1 at a Hartsville store resulted in a “chaotic scene” ending with four people being jailed, officials said. Hartsville Police Lt. Mark Blair said that several people got into a free-for-all outside the Dollar General at 907 S. 4th St. He said the incident was sparked by a dispute over child custody and a dispute between several people who knew each other. “It was kind of a chaotic scene,” Blair said. He said one combatant had a gun but did not use it. Nor did police have to use their firearms, he said. “Nobody had to use a gun. No shots were fired.” Blair said the four who went to jail will face charges of disorderly conduct, and in one case, pointing and presenting a firearm. One person, Blair said, was given a ticket and released. — Bobby Bryant

Author: Stephan Drew

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