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There are a lot of very, very special people in Darlington County.

Of course, I’ve known this for years, but since I get a little slice of the paper to brag about the wondeful people that live here every so often, I can tell it to many. And once we have our new website up and running, I can brag to potentially many, many more!

That being said, last week my heart will overflowing with the love that this community shared to so many people in need.

Readers contributed to the family featured in our March 3rd issue with three sweet little children who had a terrible fire at their rental home. Individuals and churches donated funds, and donatons of clothes, shoes, toiletries and luxuries were shared. The caring folks at Wells Fargo set up an account to accept donations, the Driver-Pooler Family Foundation.

The children all said thank you, and I was lucky enough to receive the hugs they conveyed to so many.

The community also purchased tickets for local fundraisers, including:

Weds., March 5th BBQ to help with the medical expenses of sweet Logan Gause, the young lady that has been battling cancer since she was a small girl.

Lunch at Takis on the same day, to assist victims of domestic abuse helped by the House of Refuge.

The previous week, people purchased BBQ tickets to help raise funds for the local Darlington County Humane Society’s medical needs of animals at two locations.

One of my favorite quotes came to mind when I took the time to marvel at the generosity of the people that live in this community.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

This area is unusual, with a large span of socio-economic levels, from the 1% to far below the poverty level. Within this small county grows a rare feeling of community. When a bad event happens, there is a call to action, prayers are sent up, and people organize help. A lot of people doing a little adds up to big blessings. Those are the moments I am so, so proud to live here.

See you next week!

Author: Duane Childers

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