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When we lose a friend suddenly, we are shaken. We wish for one more conversation, one more laugh, one more hug.

But when you lose three in a short span of time, you start realize just how fragile life is, and how thankful we all must be to wake up each morning and face another day. Then, you wonder; did I tell them how wonderful they were? And do I take the opportunity tell my loved ones, my friends and family, just how much they mean to me?

Three special women recently left this world. You may have knows them, too; Judy Painter Haenni. Harriett Courtney Lemke. Sobie Soles Dixon. Three vibrant women, full of life, full of talent, and all three with a joie de vie that made others want to be near, to catch a bit of their radiance and elicit a smile from their faces. All departed with not much warning; one friend remarked, “It’s as if the light dimmed a bit with each one.”

Each of the women shared a trait; they all enjoyed life to the fullest. If that is their life’s legacy, perhaps instead of a light dimming, their light grows brighter still in their memory, by inspiring others to do the same; to live bigger.

To be like Judy and try new things, travel, create new businesses and dress impeccably; or be like Harriett and exercise daily, cook for people you love, garden, and donate your time to things that mean something to you; or be like Sobie and laugh loudly and often, dance when given the opportunity, and hug everyone tightly. All three women rejoiced in the blessings of their family, friends and associates. They smiled from their hearts, too.

One thing they also shared (that many of us decline to do!) was to never decline a request to be photographed.
Count your blessings. Smile for the camera. And live like you mean it. See you next week, friends.

Jana Banana

Author: Jana Pye

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