A belated Hartsville Father’s Day story

The following story was posted on the Hartsville Police Department’s Facebook page:

Someone called in to dispatch late (Sunday) night that a man was walking down the middle of the road, shirtless, shoeless with sticks in his hands.

Upon meeting the man, officers learned his things, including his tent which was his only place to live, had been burned.

Sgt. Campbell called after midnight to see if Carolina Kids could help him with pants, shorts, shirts, socks, shoes, underwear, food and toiletries.

Campbell delivered the items to him and paid for the man to shower at Lakeview Motel and be able to put on his new-to-him clothes. Sgt. Campbell said the man was so thankful that he cried.

For those who are asking to contribute or donate, the supplies came from Carolina’s Kids. We would suggest sending them a Facebook message and asking how to donate items.

Author: Stephan Drew

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