5 things to look for when selecting a lawn service

Most people want beautiful, lush lawns and well-maintained landscapes. Not every homeowner has the time or the inclination to do the work, however. Many homeowners rely on a lawn service to help maintain their properties and keep their homes looking great.

Lawn companies come in all shapes and sizes — from fly-by-night workers with ill-maintained equipment to franchised companies with thousands of workers across the country to everything in between.
Finding the right service for your needs may require some homework and understanding of what sets a quality lawn service company apart from one that’s best avoided.

1. Look to the internet.
The internet connects consumers via shared information and reviews. Reading company and product reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List can help homeowners make informed decisions. Homeowners also can seek recommendations via local Facebook group pages.

2. Insist on licensure and insurance.
It’s not the standard to be licensed and insured, but it is an essential step for finding a business that stands behind its work and the safety of its employees and customers. If a worker gets injured on your property or if the mower kicks a big rock through your storm door, you’ll be liable if the company isn’t insured.

3. Get a written proposal.
Be wary of companies that will quote you an offer over the phone without seeing your property in person.
Understand which types of services and treatments will be included in the weekly, monthly or annual plan.
Discuss the types of fertilizers and herbicides used and whether they fit with your lifestyle and environmental consciousness.

4. Ask for a contract in writing
When you find a business that offers the type of work you need done at the right price, be sure that a contract is worked up and both parties sign it. This protects you as a homeowner and could help you in the long run if guarantees are not met or work is unsatisfactory.

5. One size fits all.
Landscaping is more than just mowing the lawn. However, some lawn companies may only mow lawns and will plant flowers or perform spring and fall cleanup.
If a company cannot fill all of your needs, find one that can; otherwise, you may need to hire specialists in each area of yard maintenance.
Lawn care companies are something to consider as the weather warms and spring projects begin anew.

Author: Stephan Drew

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