Newman’s advice to parents: Introduce your kids to masks

By Bobby Bryant


As Darlington County schools shoot for a Sept. 8 reopening date, face masks will be required for kids in grades 3-12, officials say.

Assuming that the district can successfully open schools for in-person classes, “We will be incorporating masks at this point in time,” county Education Superintendent Tim Newman said July 15 in a video chat with parents.

Students in grades K-2 will be encouraged – but not required – to use masks, Newman said.

“If you talk to anybody in the medical profession, they’re going to tell you that masks do have an effective (role) against COVID-19,” Newman said. “ … This is not about politics. … It’s strictly about making our buildings as safe as possible for our students and our staff.”

Newman added: “Parents, we need your help at this point in time. If your children are not currently wearing masks, you need to start getting them comfortable with (masks). I hope they are. If you look at the situations around us in our communities, more and more cities and towns are going to mask ordinances while we’re out in public and while we’re in businesses.”

Author: Stephan Drew

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