Pets of the Week

Perfect sidekick for outdoor excursions! Elvis has been found (yes, once again) and he’s right here in town! Who would have thought he’s been hanging just under our radar for his estimated 4-5 years of life? Typical of most hounds, Elvis loves a good scent, loves to run and play and explore. A happy, friendly fellow, Elvis is a big boy who likes to be the top, front dog! And who can blame him? If you are running in the back of the pack, your scenery is always the same. Out in the front, it’s constantly changing and exciting and for Elvis, this makes him smile. Elvis is a stronger, larger fellow so he’s best suited with someone who is more sturdy and has an eye toward exploring the great outdoors. With Elvis by your side, he will push you to stay active to catch that next wonderful outdoorsy scent! 4-5 years old; hound; 55 pounds­
“Oh please come and play with me!” Izzy is a playset all dressed up in a sleek black and white dog suit! Now, this girl knows how to play and have a great time. She had THE best time just running around and lightly engaging toys in her exercise area. Perhaps her favorite “toy” was simply having a human nearby to say “hello,” give her body rubs or make the squeaky toy go “squeak!” A super-friendly gal with energy and smiles to spare, you can’t help but feel her zest for life in watching her self entertain while trying to get you in on the fun. Graced with a more athletic, solid build, Izzy sports tall, snazzy white socks, white chest blaze and a skinny white racing stripe on her muzzle. Izzy is a fun, happy girl ready to bring the party right into you home. 7 years old; 33 pounds; Bully blend
If you have lost or found a pet, go online to and click on the link Lost/ Found Pets. You will be directed to the Web site where you can register your missing pet.
You will be able to provide a detailed description of your missing pet, as well as attach a photo. Upon registering your lost pet, an e-mail alert will be sent to the Darlington Shelter’s e-mail address. This will allow the shelter staff to recognize your lost pet should it arrive at the facility.

Author: Stephan Drew

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