Keep your litter to yourself

Ride down just about any street or road in the city and what catches your eyes these days? Litter.

Trash from fast-food restaurants, bottles and cans of all types; you name it and you’ll probably see it.

What’s really frustrating is that concerned citizens adopt highways or streets, give their time and effort to cleaning up this blight on the city, only to have it keep happening over and over and over.

It’s easy to keep a small sack in your vehicle to stow trash until you get home, then put it in the garbage. If you’re riding a bike or walking, keep your trash until you get home. It isn’t rocket science and you don’t have to be a genius to do that; it’s just plain old everyday common sense.

These litterbugs must think that when you throw trash away it vanishes into thin air. Well, guess what? IT DOESN’T!

To get the point across, maybe what we need to do is have a six-month moratorium on picking up litter. When the streets and roads become basically clogged and impossible to drive down, especially for police, fire and EMS, maybe these trash-happy people will suddenly and finally realize that THEY are the problem.

And with this new enlightenment, they’ll start taking their trash home, or to the nearest garbage can.

Francis Parnell,

Author: Rachel Howell

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