Where is this in Darlington County?

Where is it in DC horizontal

Last week’s photo was of the Lowther’s Hill Cemetary in Mechanicsville, located at 2828 Cashua Ferry Rd. This burial ground was used as a cemetery from 1789 to 1956. It is supposedly haunted, depending on whom you talk to. The cemetery is the eternal resting spot for many notable Darlington County residents including: Major Robert Lide, Capt. Thomas E. Hart, and John Westfield Lide.

Not many of the stones are still standing, making the cemetery one that joins the ranks of others that vandals have bothered, much to the dismay of residents.

Readers that guessed correctly were: Shelby Galloway, Frank Helms, Frank Coefield, Russell Galloway, Bill Segars, and Alice James. Alice has lived in Mechanicsville all her life, and said she remembered with the stones were still there. “I understand that the broken headstones are housed by the Historical Society. A group of men from our community called the “COOTS” keep that cemetery up.”

Can you guess where in Darlington County this week’s photo was taken? Please send your guesses to: editor@newsandpress.net or call 393-3811. Good luck!

Author: Duane Childers

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