Trinity-Byrnes outlines plan for return to school amid COVID

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School has released its plan for students to safely return to school on Aug. 20. Outlined in the plan are detailed on-campus safety strategies informed by the CDC and DHEC.
The school will be offering three options for families including in-person, virtual or hybrid. Trinity-Byrnes families and students will have the following learning options starting Aug. 20.
1. Traditional on-campus classes
2. Distance Learning with Live Remote Platform
3. Combination of on-campus and distance learning (hybrid model)
Throughout the spring and summer, the Trinity-Byrnes Reopening Task Force has been preparing a plan in anticipation for an in-person school reopening if the state government allowed for it.
Head of School Ed Hoffman said, “The school’s small class size and expansive outdoor space allowed for classes to be more easily adapted to meet social distancing requirements that a larger school may not have been able to do. We have also built in a level of flexibility that would allow us to adjust based on advisement from government agencies.”
The plan allows for the school to serve all students effectively based on the current level of risk, every student’s health needs, and each family’s comfort level with return to campus instruction.
The plan provides accommodations for students who choose to attend remotely by offering live-streamed classes and online instruction beginning on the first day in-person classes resume.
Trinity-Byrnes Live Remote Platform (LRP) is designed to provide high quality instruction for students when on campus classroom attendance is not possible or selected by their parents. Trinity-Byrnes parents may elect for their student to join on-campus classes or transition to Live Remote classes at any time during the school year.
Trinity-Byrnes is accepting applications for students entering grades 6-12. Please contact April Munn at or 843-395-9124 for more information.

Author: Rachel Howell

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