LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Children are the most oppressed group in the country

After we graduate from high school, we take with us the basic knowledge of mathematics, reading and writing. We also take some basic understanding of social interaction.
But more importantly we have been taught basic dignity and respect, from our families. We all experience what can only be called life lessons. Sometimes we don’t realize these lessons until years later.
I learned an important lesson on respect from my high school golf coach. Respect has to be earned every day and it has nothing to do with age or position. A few years later I heard these words: “Judge not by the color of skin, judge by the quality of character.”
I’ve learned the more I learn the more I know I know nothing. I’ve also learned the most complex of problems were created by simple problems. Recognizing and resolving those problems usually solves the remaining symptoms.
I’ve witnessed the deterioration of work ethics. I know craftsmen with no one to pass their knowledge to. A house was built beside mine; it took six months to complete. I’ve seen the same deterioration in manufacturing. It seems no one can work without their smartphones or they’re willing to accept less and not work.
I’ve spoken to friends across the country, and they all agree. It’s hard to find people who want to work and improve themselves.
Today we hear of school violence, mass shootings, traditional math has been replaced with “common core” math, school security, lockdowns, children with mental health problems, mask or vaccination mandates, drug abuse and gender identity. I watch a young child unable to color inside the lines and wonder why anyone would want to teach him anything about his gender.
We hear news stories reported where teachers teach gender identity and tell their students not to tell their parents because they’re incapable of understanding. Want to change your sex, no problem, they can hand out puberty blockers and gender hormones. There have been reports of parents losing custody of their children. Teachers’ unions have declared children belong to them and not their parents.
These are not all of the problems children have to face. They are being taught to be ashamed of the color of their skin. They have to listen to the political and social ideals of their teachers. They aren’t taught freedom to learn or achieve, they are being taught equity. More people are beginning to realize schoolchildren and adolescents are being indoctrinated and controlled. Children are without any doubt the most oppressed group in the country today.
All the people I’ve spoken to have one question. What did we do wrong?
That answer is simple; we did nothing, it was done by appointed bureaucrats with no accountability to the people. For example, why did the National School Boards Association send a letter resulting in the investigation of parents as domestic terrorists?
There are always simple causes to the most complex problems. In this case either you believe in God, Democracy, the American Dream, truth, justice and freedom or you believe in the Democratic Party, socialism, the Liberal World Order, lies, chaos and censorship. Words alone can’t answer these questions.
Therefore, I implore school board members to do the right thing for everyone they are supposed to serve. Let your actions decide the quality of your character. If not, will schoolchildren be taught they can’t say, “Good morning, Mom,” instead they will have to say, “Good morning, birther”?
Today is a good day to make a difference.

Larry W. Kuhns,

Author: Stephan Drew

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