Hartsville Police Department 100 Deadliest Days of Summer

The Hartsville Police Department worked hard to keep the streets of Hartsville safe for residents and visitors during the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer Campaign. Several public safety checkpoints along with aggressive criminal enforcement of impaired drivers were used during this time. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety announced that 9 people were killed on South Carolina roadways during the 2018 Labor Day travel period. This was an increase from Labor Day 2017, where 6 people were killed. Labor Day marks the end of the “100 Deadly Days of Summer.” The preliminary numbers for the entire state show that there were 262 traffic deaths during this time compared to 237 in 2017.

As drivers, there are many things you can do to help improve the number of fatalities and accidents during this busy season. Please take your time getting to your destination. You may be running late for work or an important event, but it is not worth losing your life or someone else’s life. Please always wear your seatbelt and make sure children and passengers are belted in properly before leaving. If you plan on having a drink or if you are taking medication that could impair your ability to drive, please make sure you have someone to drive for you. Don’t text and drive. If you have to make a call or check a message, please pull over and do so safely.

The holidays are quickly approaching, so please remember that HPD will continue to make every effort to keep our streets safe. The DUI officer will be out on patrol with one job to do. We will also continue the use of public safety checkpoints and aggressive enforcement of DUI offenders.

Enforcement results for the 2018 campaign:

•Traffic Accidents Investigated (1 Fatality)

• Driving Under Influence

•Broken Seal/Open Container

• Speeding

• Driving Under Suspension/No SC License

• Child Restraint

• Seatbelt Violation

• Reckless Driving

• Child Endangerment

• Other Traffic Related Charges

Author: Rachel Howell

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