Beatrice Wilson to run for seat on Darlington City Council

Oh yes, I’m back with more determination than ever in running for City Council Member at large in Darlington so that we will truly be the Pearl of the Pee Dee.

Beatrice Wilson

When I am elected I will see that our elderly receive all the care that they are entitled to, because they set the foundations that we now have and we have to keep adding to this foundation in order to see that our community strive and become stronger. I will work with city and state authorities to see that our deteriorating street with pot holes and cracks get paved. This would save all of us money and worrying about the welfare of our children because it would make our streets safer to walk on, alleviate the wear and tear on our cars, and safer for the buses that carry our children to and from school on a daily basis. I will work with the authorities to see that our city blocks receive more lighting which will not only make our community safer to live in but it would deter a lot of crimes that take place in the dark.

As I stated in the past, “The Children Are Our Future” therefore I will work to see that they receive all types of recreation from music to games, sports, etc. which would naturally bring about meaningful socialization. This will mean a place to have these functions, and I have that plan. We need this recreation now so that the children have the means for enjoying themselves and keeping their minds occupied with good thoughts.

Bringing more businesses to Darlington means more jobs and in order to get these jobs we must be qualified. Our children and young adults must be well trained and that is what I am focused on at all times. By training my students and giving them the resources that they need to get and hold a job during the summer, and when they graduate from school become the resourceful people of our community that we need and deserve.

When I, Beatrice Wilson, am elected to City Council at Large, I will be that change that we need in Darlington.

Author: Duane Childers

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