Letters to the Editor

We can do better

We have reached a “new era in politics.”

It appears that some want to bolster the idea of “us vs. them.” Or “conservative vs. liberal.” Or “black vs. white.”

It seems that every debate or dispute has been dragged into the “murky swamp” of divisive rhetoric filled with prejudice and racism. I see it on social media and other media outlets every day. Which brings me to the intent of this letter.

As a lifelong resident of Darlington, I went off to Morehouse College and USC Law School knowing that I would come back to my hometown because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to work with others who were committed to doing the same. What Darlington needs now is unity (not divisiveness).

It seems that over the course of the past few years, we are growing farther and farther apart. It appears that everything is being “colored” as black and white. It seems that we are truly TWO separate cities trying to function as one. I felt so strongly about the misguided direction of our city that I addressed City Council earlier this year to do better on behalf of their citizens who elected them.

We, as a city, have to hold ourselves accountable for our individual actions that have caused this divide among us. We, as a city, must strongly condemn ALL divisive rhetoric that serves no real purpose but to continue to divide us! We, as a city, must work to break down the barriers of racism, classism and sexism!

It troubles me to see our elected officials unwilling to work together for the betterment of our city! It hurts me to know that some are allowing outside influences to manipulate their thought process! It burdens my heart to know that some can only see things in “black and white.” We, as a city, can do so much better!

We need elected officials who will work across the aisle to ensure that our city becomes a “beacon for businesses” to want to come here! We need elected officials who can see the “big picture” and not allow themselves to be wrapped up in the past of trying to right every wrong!

We need elected officials who have the courage to vote their conscience and that of their constituents, as opposed to voting for projects for personal gain. We need a “racial cleansing” so that all of us can truly see “that we are all created equal.” I have seen the possibilities with the love and compassion that ALL of us showed during the killing of my big brother, (Florence Police) Officer Terrence Carraway! No one talked about his color but rather his deeds!

I saw ALL races mourning his senseless killing and that of the other officers involved! This is what Darlington “could” be IF we do not allow prejudice and divisive rhetoric to govern us. We must stand against ANY rhetoric that attempts to divide us!

We will be greater if we make that commitment to one another! As former first lady Michelle Obama so eloquently said, “When they go low, we go high.” We can do better and I am prayerful that each of you will challenge others to do the same.

Cheveron T. Scott, attorney at law

Vandalism on the Square

The Darlington Town Square and the entrances to the town are most welcoming for local residents and visitors. Many individuals are involved in the endeavors to beautify the town.

The improvements require continuing volunteer labor and donated monies. Applause goes to all participants.

Sadly, the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations on the Square have been vandalized. Please, police, City Council and citizens, be aware of any negative actions on the Square and report them to the authorities. Maybe it is time for more cameras!

Roberta Jeffords,

Author: Duane Childers

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