Let the world know that You ‘Heart’ Darlington

A banner hangs above the Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Samantha Lyles

The bright blue banners hanging around town convey a clear message – I Heart Darlington – and the Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce wants those words and their inherent civic pride to extend all through the city.

“I love Darlington, and we wanted to do this campaign to make sure that the Chamber’s love for Darlington spreads,” says Harriet Hobbs, chair of the Chamber Board of Directors. “And it has spread. We see banners and car stickers springing up all around town. It’s a slow momentum and the word is getting out.”

With the simple slogan making appearances everywhere from a billboard at the Darlington Raceway to banners hung at local apartment complexes, Hobbs says she’s pleased with how the logo is working its way into local consciousness, spreading a message of positivity. Hobbs, an employee of Genesis Health Care, traces the inspiration for the banner campaign back to the words of beloved local physician Dr. Joe Matthews.

“He said, ‘Love Darlington. Don’t take your money out of Darlington. If you need something catered, use someone local and keep the money here in our community,’” says Hobbs, adding that when people feel pride and ownership in their community, it lifts the standards for everything from business appearance to personal behavior.

With over 30 banners distributed to businesses already, and dozens of branded stickers and can koozies sold, the I Heart Darlington logo (and the sentiment it conveys) is getting stronger every day. You can pick up a car sticker and can koozie at the Chamber offices, located at 38 Public Square. To find out how to get a banner, call the Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce at 843-393-2641.

Author: Duane Childers

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