Why am I running for Mayor?

By Gloria C. Hines

Growing up on Pine Street in Darlington, S.C. watching my mother, Mrs. Cropsy L. Cheesboro helping people throughout her lifetime, made me want to do the same. My mother, better known as Mrs. Cropsy, was a caring person, who always saw the good in others. When she helped people, she never expected anything in return. Even after her death, people would continue to tell me about her kindness around the community. While this was my mother’s legacy, I am continuing my own legacy in the year 2015.

Let me introduce myself, I am Gloria Hines.

I am a motivator and a leader. I’m an advocate for those in need of someone to speak for them. I am the voice that is not afraid to speak the truth even when the truth sometimes hurts. God has given me this opportunity to run for mayor, and I am ready to accept the challenge. I am prepared for the role of mayor. I have been a member of City Council for the last 14 years, I play an integral role in the Mayo Alumni Association, I am the Vice President of Federated Organizations of Darlington, President of Round-O Missionary Baptist Church Pastor’s Aide, Member of the League of Women Voters, as well as being a volunteer with the Darlington County Voting Commission. While taking on these many roles in this community, I am also a business owner- since 1987.

My number one vision for Darlington was to bring Walmart to our city. I have helped bring this to reality. My vision now is to build up an infrastructure to attract even more new businesses. Previously, two comprehensive plans were completed for Darlington in order to stimulate growth in our city. We did not use these plans or ideas to grow our city. Our comprehensive plans were actually used in Virginia successfully. We must return to these plans, which may add quaint shops and businesses to Darlington to bring downtown back to life. Yet, I cannot do these things alone. It takes the focus of the entire community to stand together and help bring the “Pearl of the Pee Dee” back and make Darlington shine. We must leave a broken past and come into the future together as a community.

We can do this by voting for Gloria Hines for Mayor!

Author: Duane Childers

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