Where is this in Darlington County? August 12, 2015

Where is it in DC

Last week’s photo was of a photo of the perky pig that is atop the roof over the front porch of Pam’s Restaurant on Hwy. 151 in Hartsville.
Readers that guessed correctly were: James Powers, Billy Foxe, Charles Ham, Gayle Beckham, Angel Kiker, Naomi Alford, Kay Jeffords, Ann Easterling, Anna DeWitt, and Laura Crouch. We also received a delightful call from Jackie Smith, who was happy to see “the pig on top of our restaurant” in the paper.

Can you guess where in Darlington County this week’s photo was taken? Please send your guesses to: editor@newsandpress.net or call 393-3811. Good luck!

Author: Duane Childers

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