Well – My goodness

By Jana E. Pye, Editor, editor@newsndpressonline.com

Did we get “scooped” on the announcement of the identity of the “major retailer” that is interested in coming to Darlington?

Yes, and no.

And this is why.

Yes, we knew.

And no, we didn’t release the name because … we were asked not to.

As the phrase, “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings”, well, it’s not a done deal until the ink has been signed on all documents.

There have been breadcrumbs. We reported here in the News and Press that a major retailer was coming months ago.

We were asked by City Council and Mayor to keep mum, because certain Well known – Major retailers prefer to not make announcements about opening facilities until they are ready to do so. A variety of things can happen; it is a lot like the practice of waiting to share the announcement “We are having a baby!” until after the first trimester- it’s wiser to wait, than having to go back later to share the pregnancy test was a false positive, or an unfortunate miscarriage occured.

As your editor, I am also a resident of Darlington County. A county that is home to all of you, my friends. And when there is a potential for 255+ of those friends to get a much-needed jobs, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll wait to share the name. When I am asked to not name names, I am not going to name names.


1. I stand by my word.

2. I’m Irish and we take all matters of “jinxing” very, very seriously.


Does that make me upset that the bigger newspaper in Florence “broke the news”?


Florence came out of Darlington County, and although they may be a tad larger, they are still what I would call…nouveau riche.

When our newspaper, which has been in existence since 1874, starts trying to break the news to get a story on social media without realizing the implications they could create, we cease to be a responsible, trustworthy news source.

We will be the first to take a photo of a Well known – Major retailer when they arrive, and share news with THEIR blessing to release it.

Because we are Darlington County’s news source, and we… and I, the editor… love our community.

Author: Duane Childers

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