Welcome to Myrtle Manor’s “Roxy”

Roxanne Buck, Darlington native, loves the life of a TV reality star

By Will Isgett, Contributing Writer

Not many people know it, but a Darlington native is in the cast of a popular television reality show.

Roxy, or known to locals as Roxanne Buck, appears on “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” a show on TLC that documents the lives and problems of the residents of “Myrtle Manor” also named Patrick’s Trailer Home Park, located in Myrtle Beach.

After entering the trailer park as a consultant this past season, Roxy has now been named co-manager of the park and in the recent finale she helps to remove the swimming pool, which is a staple for the show.

“Pulling the pool down was awesome,” Roxy said. “I just wish I could have seen Becky’s face when I did it.”

Roxanne Buck

Roxanne Buck

The person she is referring to is Becky Robertson, who has managed the park for her father Cecil Patrick since the show premiered in 2013. Patrick’s father actually built Myrtle Manor.
The park has been within Robertson’s family for many years, and now that Roxy has entered the picture, things have gotten rocky between the two.

According to Roxy, the battle between she and Becky goes back many years and began as they rode the bus together back in the day to Myrtle Beach Middle School and Myrtle Beach High School. They happened to be assigned seats right next to each other.

“I don’t hate her, but I hate her ways,” Roxy said. “My family owned a park only one third of a mile away from Myrtle Manor and we’ve known each other and have been in competition for a long time.”
Roxy’s father bought the Sandridge Mobile Home Park some 25 years ago according to Roxy, which instantly made the two rivals.

Along with Sandridge, Roxy also manages Gasque Village Creek and Myrtle Manor.

The road to landing a spot on “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” began after Cecil Patrick saw a huge billboard on Highway 17 advertising Village Creek Mobile Home Park as the Park of the Year, but what really drew him to it was a picture of Roxy with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth on the sign.

“When Mr. Cecil saw the billboard he about wrecked,” Roxy said laughing.

Patrick knew that “Roxy” would be a perfect fit for the show and she appeared in the second season and is now a regular cast member.

Roxy, who some label as a villain on the show, said appearing on the show is an honor.

“I don’t do it for money or fame,” “Roxy said. “I did it to be a blessing to others.”

When asked about a typical day of filming on the set, Roxy said, “They mike you up and follow you around everywhere.”

She says she works some days for 10 hours, and has had longer days for the show that just finished its third season.

She said that some of her favorite people on the show are Mr. Cecil, Mrs. Barbara and her daughter, Dana.

Even though Roxy lives and works in Myrtle Beach now, she still loves her hometown of Darlington and will ride in the upcoming Southern 500 parade on Labor Day weekend.

She makes the trip home often to see her family and is the daughter of Ronnie and Pearlie Ann Buck, and has two sisters Karen Muir and Rhonda Buck. She is also the mother of an eleven-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter.

She attended Pate Elementary School, Brunson-Dargan Junior High School, then moved to the beach and attended Myrtle Beach Middle, Myrtle Beach High School. She later moved back to Darlington, and attended Calvary Christian School.

The 34 year old holds an associate degree from Florence-Darlington Technical College, and two bachelor degrees- one from Coker College, the other from Francis Marion University.
Her advice to anyone wanting to get involved with any type of television is simple.

“Stay in school, dream big, and your dreams will come true,” Roxy said.

Author: Duane Childers

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