Trinity Collegiate’s program is focusing on college-level research, collaboration and presentation

Trinity Collegiate School is one of approximately 2,000 schools worldwide to implement the AP Capstone Diploma program, which encourages students to develop skills for college and career success, including critical thinking, research, collaboration, and communication.
The program consists of two yearlong courses taken in sequence: AP Seminar and AP Research.
“The Capstone program provides just one more advantage for our students and provides an opportunity to be accepted into the premier colleges and universities in South Carolina and throughout the United States,” said Head of School Ed Hoffman.
Students who score a 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing earn the AP Capstone Diploma.
This signifies outstanding academic achievement and attainment of college-level academic and research skills. Students who score a 3 or higher in both AP Seminar and AP Research (and not on four additional AP Exams) earn the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.
Trinity Collegiate School will start offering AP Seminar in the fall of 2022.
“Our primary focus in planning for the 2022-23 school year has been expanding opportunities in STEM for all students grades 6-12. These new courses are excellent companions for our current Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes. The AP Capstone Program is the perfect culmination of a progressive STEM-centered education. We are honored to be one of only a very few South Carolina schools offering the prestigious AP Capstone Program and our students are blessed to have such an amazing academic option,” said Associate Head of School Kelley Byrd.
In AP Seminar, typically taken in 10th or 11th grade, students choose real-world topics and evaluate them from multiple perspectives. Students identify credibility and bias in sources and develop arguments in support of a recommendation.
In the subsequent AP Research course, students design and execute a college-level research project on a topic of personal interest. Students receive first hand experience in writing a research question, executing an appropriate method, analyzing data, presenting their results, and defending their findings.
Both AP Capstone courses are project based, and students are required to deliver written arguments, collaborate in teams, and deliver professional multimedia presentations as part of their AP Exams.
“The AP Capstone courses enable students to explore real-world issues in great depth through research and collaboration,” said Rushi Sheth, executive director of the AP Capstone Diploma program.
He adds, “This provides terrific opportunities for students to write and present their work effectively, both individually and in teams — the very skills professors and employers are demanding.”

Author: Stephan Drew

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