Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School announces Honor Roll 2015 – 2016

The following students were listed as having High Honors for the year 2015-2016, with a 93 and above in all subjects (with GPA):

7th Grade:
Gene Zeigler 99.692, High Honors
Georgia Adamson 99, High Honors
Eleanor Farrell 98.786 High Honors
Jack Banner 98.615 High Honors
Bryce Christian 98.462 High Honors
Caroline Tatum 98.462 High Honors
Nik Mezzanotte 98.308 High Honors
Eaddy Hanna 98 High Honors
Chandler Jordan 96.5 High Honors
Izzy Dauksch 95.846 High Honors

8th Grade:
Eliza Gregg Saleeby 99.714 High Honors
Grace Cleveland 99.154 High Honors
Ruth Player 98.857 High Honors
Haley Davis 98.714 High Honors
Jay Lawson 98.429 High Honors
Jack Cleveland 98.385 High Honors
Jackson Lowe 97.929 High Honors
Sullivan Smith 97.615 High Honors
William Phipps 97.571 High Honors
Matthew Warr 97.571 High Honors
Reagan Saunders 95 High Honors

9th Grade:
Harrison Corns 99.429 High Honors
Madeline Tuck 98.857 High Honors
Elizabeth King 98.429 High Honors
Joseph Desser 97.857 High Honors
Gracie McGill 97.429 High Honors
Abbie Skeen 97.429 High Honors
Ben Naso 97.333 High Honors
Rachael Dauksch 96.714 High Honors
Taylor Cunningham 96.429 High Honors
Trae Buck 95.571 High Honors
Carson Munn 94.857 High Honors

10th Grade:
Eddie Buckhouse 99.083 High Honors
Bennett Joyce 98.167 High Honors
John Saverance 98 High Honors
Lanie Kirby 97.643 High Honors
Stephen Josey 97.25 High Honors
Eden Wallace 96.533 High Honors
Mary Mitchell 96.286 High Honors
Adam Cheng 96.2 High Honors

11th Grade:
Carson McMillan 98.667 High Honors
Turner Arnold 98.077 High Honors
Anna Price 95.917 High Honors

12th Grade:
Cates Saleeby 98.933 High Honors
Kate Lawson 97.9 High Honors
Erika Maliszewski 97.667 High Honors
Ruby Anika 97.538 High Honors
Chiara Mattamira 97.455 High Honors
Grayson Hill 96.9 High Honors
Camille Rolin 96.7 High Honors

Honor Roll for the year 2015-2016, no grades lower than 85 in each subject All As and Bs

7th Grade:
Kat Glassman 95.5 Honor Roll
Mills Francis 95.154 Honor Roll
William Duvall 94.929 Honor Roll
Will Mitchell 94.308 Honor Roll
Reid Saunders 94.231 Honor Roll
Caleb Rogers 94 Honor Roll
Trystan Elliott 93 Honor Roll
Jessica Curran 92.857 Honor Roll
Matthew Long 92.692 Honor Roll
Blake Warren 91.167 Honor Roll
Etta McLeod 91 Honor Roll
Aryan Patel 90.769 Honor Roll
Savannah Williams 90.727 Honor Roll
Azilee Davis 90.462 Honor Roll
Jack May 89.231 Honor Roll

8th Grade
Laurel Casstevens 96 Honor Roll
Michael Roach 95.667 Honor Roll
Hayden Walker 95.643 Honor Roll
Andrew Saverance 95.143 Honor Roll
Caleb King 95.083 Honor Roll
Powers Rogers 94.714 Honor Roll
Austin Greer 94.143 Honor Roll
Emma Johnston 94.143 Honor Roll
Luke Baker 93.714 Honor Roll
Savannah Thompson 93.429 Honor Roll
Cameron Morris 93.308 Honor Roll
Hampton Epps 93.286 Honor Roll
Zach Carey 92.929 Honor Roll
Teal Howle 92.077 Honor Roll
Hannah McMahan 90.231 Honor Roll

9th Grade:
Sam Smith 95.857 Honor Roll
Grayson Jeffords 94.714 Honor Roll
Mitchell Lee 94.231 Honor Roll
Kayla Winnie 94.143 Honor Roll
Curry Flynn 93.071 Honor Roll
Anthony Hernandez 93 Honor Roll
Erin Lassiter 93 Honor Roll
Benjamin Watford 92.182 Honor Roll
Mikayla Robinson 92.143 Honor Roll
Miles Blum 90.769 Honor Roll
Hope Wilberger 90.714 Honor Roll
Cameron Nettles 89.867 Honor Roll

10th Grade:
Lizzie Johnston 95.571 Honor Roll
Georgia Clark 95.214 Honor Roll
Laney Curran 94 Honor Roll
Cary Hobbs 93.875 Honor Roll
Rachel Warr 93.714 Honor Roll
Gresham Hindman 93.429 Honor Roll
Julia Thompson 92.929 Honor Roll
Kera Wayne 91.286 Honor Roll
Raffy Sto. Domingo 90.929 Honor Roll

11th Grade:
Elizabeth Roach 97.917 Honor Roll
Alex Goodson 97 Honor Roll
Bailey Goodson 96.818 Honor Roll
Sydney Hill 96.083 Honor Roll
Wright Sullivan 96.083 Honor Roll
Connor Francis 94.667 Honor Roll
Marcus Crawford 94.417 Honor Roll
Jack Smith 94.071 Honor Roll
Kelsey McLaughlin 93.833 Honor Roll
Hallie Brown 93.538 Honor Roll
Lawson Lee 93.5 Honor Roll
Kalina Hernandez 93.364 Honor Roll
Spencer Evans 93.273 Honor Roll
Hannah Farrell 92.692 Honor Roll
Michael Hellen 92.5 Honor Roll
Harrison Breeden 92.231 Honor Roll
Lucas Lima 91.75 Honor Roll

12th Grade:
Stella Dai 97.6 Honor Roll
Hannah Winnie 96.455 Honor Roll
Magan Head 95.6 Honor Roll
Patrick Connor 95.5 Honor Roll
Stocks Paramore 94.182 Honor Roll
William Jones 94.167 Honor Roll
Taylor Moseley 93.5 Honor Roll
Cameron Pease 93.222 Honor Roll
Autumn Scott 92.455 Honor Roll
Hannah Brown 92.273 Honor Roll
Kemp DeWitt 91.182 Honor Roll
Tyler Howell 91.111 Honor Roll
Ariadne Roberts 89.769 Honor Roll

Author: Jana Pye

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