Tom Rice visits Joe’s Grill

Tom Rice at Joe's Grill  Photo by Samantha Lyles

Tom Rice at Joe’s Grill
Photo by Samantha Lyles

By Samantha Lyles, Staff Writer,

Republican Congressman Tom Rice (SC 7th District) returned to Joe’s Grill last week to speak with Darlington constituents, taking questions on the future of Social Security, the need to reform veteran’s health care, the sorry state of national and state roads and bridges, and the ongoing drama of the presidential election.

Though he expressed confidence in House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan, Rice was frank about the lack of a unified vision among the GOP and noted that his efforts to bring progressive legislation to the floor have sometimes ground to a halt. Rice explained that his highway improvement bill failed to secure even one co-sponsor among his colleagues, but noted that he will continue to fight to bring an inland port to Dillon County – an infrastructure project that could bring huge economic growth to some of South Carolina’s poorest regions.

Rice said he hoped that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will win the November election, but added that our next president must be a consensus builder for the ineffectual gridlock in the House and Senate to loosen.

“We’ve got to recognize that to solve these problems, we have to build consensus. With fifty-four Republicans in the Senate, you’ve got to bring six Democrats along or nothing’s going to happen,” said Rice.

Author: Jana Pye

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