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I am running for city council because I feel that I am a level headed decision maker with good judgment and a fair and logical mind. I moved to Darlington from Hartsville 20 years ago, and we have made a lot of progress during that time. I am an individual that can work together with others to build on the foundation that has already been started so that Darlington continues to grow and flourish and continues to be a safe place to live. I believe Darlington needs more park areas, walking trails and improved use of Williamson Park which is a hallmark of Darlington. We need more parking downtown and a new city county complex would be awesome.

I am very interested in historic preservation.

I have been an adjunct professor at FMU, Chairman of the YMCA board and Planning Commission Chairman. I helped write a grant for the Black Creek Art Council Board and have been a writer for She Magazine for 8 years. I have been in Nursing Administration in the past and have had my own successful private family counseling practice in Florence for over 17 years. I have excellent relationships with the police and fire chiefs, city manager and mayor. I am the EAP counselor for the city. I will provide stable and logical votes if you elect me to city council. I believe in the power of unity and prayer and believe I can make a difference. There is much we can do together.

Author: Jana Pye

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