S.C. police chiefs meet in Darlington

Andy Locklear delivers his speech to the state’s police chiefs. PHOTOS BY DAWSON JORDAN

Darlington Chief of Police and president of the S.C. Police Chiefs Association, Kelvin Washington, introducing the speakers.

Attorney Sara Weathers speaking about First Amendment ‘auditors’ who sometimes try to test police.

From Staff Reports

The S.C. Police Chiefs’ Association held its bi-monthly training session and meeting in Darlington last week. Darlington Police Chief Kelvin Washington is president of the association. The members met June 23 at the Darlington Raceway’s Media Center. Speakers included SLED Lt. Paul Larosa on the subject of sovereign citizens and policing and attorney Sara Weathers with Pope Flynn, a Columbia-headquartered law firm, on the subject of First Amendment “auditors,” people who try to test how police react in certain situations. The association’s executive director, J.J. Jones, said, “The S.C. Police Chiefs’ Association is able to bring together the brightest minds of our police departments.” Washington took over as SCPCA president in late 2020. Washington was elected as president by his fellow SCPCA members last summer, marking the third time a Darlington Police Department chief has been so honored. Chief Roy Williams Jr. held the position in 1993, and Chief Jay Cox was elected as president in 2004.

Author: Stephan Drew

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