Preserve history by creating a future

By Bill Pickle

Over the past several years we have witnessed a wave of destruction, disfigurement, removal and things being changed that should be left alone. Most of these activities are done in the effort to destroy or change hisatory. Others are misguided actions to correct a wrong.

I propose all of the described actions are foolish and selfish.

In the Middle East we have ISIS destroying temples, monuments, art and historic documents. In Ancient Egypt we saw the invading Romans and many other invaders disfiguring the ancient temples, pyramids and grand sculptures.

In the New World, beginning with the very first settlement the “palefaces” began destroying the cultures of those were occupying North, Central and South America. Entire nations and tribes we obliterated; their ancient construction, religions, traditions and people all but removed from this earth.

Today we have another misguided effort to do the same as those before them. This time around Americans are attempting to repeat the atrocities of those before us.
I understand the Confederate Flag insults some people. There is a push to rename everything related to the War Between the States. There are groups wanting to “Tear that monument. It reminds me bad times.”

Now we are facing another challenge to those who wish to take advantage of the moment. They wish to change the Dedication Plaque on the World War I monument that is likely to be moved to Veteran’s Park. A committee has been formed to decide whether the plague bearing the names of Florentines who were killed in World War 1.

Why? Because the dead were listed as Officers, White Enlisted, Colored Enlisted.

This is ridiculous!

Once again the supposed offended are wanting to wash history down the drain. Changing the plaque will do nothing in changing history. Changing the plague to simply list “All Enlisted Who Died…Will not change a thing. All that will change is the way a person’s name is listed.

People, Black, White, Pink, Polka Dotted or whatever, get a life.

Leave history alone. Let continue honoring our heroes without regards to their race, color creed, the color of their uniform or if they were slave owners. In the 1920’s I would be willing to bet all citizens of Florence, South Carolina were proud to see their loved ones listed on the plaque with their fellow brethren.

We need to take history as it is and use it as learning experiences. Show all adults and children the Monument(s) and other relics explaining to them what happened, why their names are on the plaque and why the names are segregated.

We have come a long way in accepting all people for who they are. We have come a long way in becoming one community. One State. One Nation.

We still have a long way to go.

Let us do it together.

Let us change our present and our future.

Let us not change or destroy our past.

Bill Pickle of Florence author of the blog “In the Pickle Barrel”

Author: Duane Childers

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