Mailbox stuffing? It’s a federal crime.

The News and Press learned today that several mailboxes had the following political flyer placed in their mailbox – not in an envelope, and without proper postage:

Sheriff Byrd Mailbox stuffing

We just made a call to the U.S. Post Office in Darlington and were told that this is a federal crime. They instructed us to tell readers that if you received this in your mailbox, you are to report it to call your local U.S. Post Office, or give the flyer to your mail carrier to take back tomorrow.

Flyers are allowed to be placed through mail slots, such as on apartment or business doors; mailboxes attached to the side of dwelling or at the curbside contain personal mail and may not be tampered with by anyone other than the owner(s) of the mailbox.

Darlington: US Post Office 115 E Smith Ave 843-393-3223

Hartsville: US Post Office 500 S 4th St 843-332-9611

Lamar: US Post Office 110 Main St 843-326-5211

Society Hill: US Post Office 269 S Main St 843-378-4731

Author: Jana Pye

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