Local teams prepare for football season

DARLINGTON — Players Jersahrd Kennedy (left) and Adam Hamilton (right) – tire push relay PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

DARLINGTON — Chase Walters(closest), Shawn Zimmerman(middle), Treyviane Johnson(farthest away)- Lineman Stance and start drill. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

DARLINGTON — Freshman Daishard Price- Agility relay competition. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

DARLINGTON — Coach Jennings instructing LB read Drill. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

LAMAR — Successful pass by player. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

LAMAR – Players learn to coordinate plays with other teammates. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

LAMAR — Potential quarterback practicing passes. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

Author: Stephan Drew

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