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Hypocrisy in a Democratic Society

Hypocrisy in a Democratic Society is hard to take. South Carolina State University with a legacy of 119 years is being destroyed without any awareness of proper management, leadership and evaluation that should have been a part of the Government Roles on all Levels of Leadership. It is hard to believe the damage to South Carolina State University recently on the “Announcement of the closure of this public African-American constitution for two years.” It is hard to believe that this time when the country is stressing “Human Rights” abroad that our government leaders are not sensitive to the needs and desires of people here at home without regards to race, color, creed, sex, religion or national origin.
Our governmental system is so structured that the different levels can interpret the laws in such a way that it is devastating to those without direct input in the decision making process. A law is not effective unless it is utilized with consideration given to the positive and negative effects it will have on the people.
This is not the time to play the “Blame Game.” South Carolina State University is in the healing stage with government and educational leaders working together on all levels to continue the legacy of 119 years. We have a job to do together for South Carolina State University. “We must keep it positive!” The $100 Million Campaign for South Carolina State University is a reality!

Wilhelmina P. Johnson
Darlington County Council

The Darlington County Chapter of the South Carolina State University National Alumni Association is hosting an Important Planning Meeting on Saturday, Feb. 28th at 5:00 p.m. at the CRC Vision Center, 302 Pearl Street in Darlington. The $100 Million Campaign for South Carolina State University, inviting all SCSU alumni, friends, and well wishers for a joint meeting with the President of the Darlington Chapter SCSU National Alumni Association, Director of the CRC, and other key members of
the community, to discuss and develop a plan of action to:
• Join with other alumni organizations to inform and connect to raise the $100 million for SCSU
• Identify the medium to canvas all alumni association and university supporters
• Identify the means by which the money will be channeled to the University
• Establish a timeline with goals
• Other ideas from persons present
Tuesday, March 5: TBD convene a follow up meeting at the CRC
For more information, contact Dwight I. James, President 230-5754, Lina Malinda H. Pearson, Secretary, 858-6660

Author: Duane Childers

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