Letters to the Editor March 16, 2016

Reader questions right to film police

I was distressed to see a video of a Darlington County sheriff’s deputy harassing and illegally detaining a citizen for filming him. Police should obey the law and respect the rights of citizens. The officer should be fired. The video documents that he does not even know the difference between the words “entice” and “incite.” An officer should at least know the meaning of a crime of which he is accusing someone. The incident reflects badly on Darlington County and South Carolina as a whole.

In Charleston County, we have had a police officer shoot an unarmed man and a woman die in the local jail from dehydration. Citizens of South Carolina should guard our liberties from corrupt, incompetent, and abusive police. As a child, I was taught that the authoritarian Soviet regime was evil. Many of the things for which we criticized the Soviets now happen in our own state.

Jennings Rountree
Charleston, SC

Author: Jana Pye

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