Letters to the Editor – July 29, 2015

Reader says THANK YOU to Mrs. Knapp

Just a note to Mrs. Knapp to say a great big THANK YOU! I have been a part of the Darlington Community for about twenty three years and have observed much of what she wrote about. Now, I like it here. There are some great people here. I was called here to pastor the Southside Free Will Baptist Church on McIver Road. That ministry was a blessing to my wife and I, and when I retired I left a good church and good people. However, the leadership of Darlington needs to take a hard look at the appearance of our city. Some of the entranceways to our town could – and should – be cleaned up and improved. We have too many run down houses and former businesses that are eyesores. For some reason or another, the Chamber of Commerce is plagued with constant turn-overs in leadership. I could go on, but I think the readers get the point.

Mrs. Knapp was absolutely right about the mural on the wall off Pearl Street. My wife and I kept looking for the thing to be completed, until one day some one informed that it WAS completed. Really!

We have an election coming up soon, and some of these matters should certainly be brought up by the voters at the various stump meetings.

By the way, a lot of people in Darlington really liked Mrs. Knapp’s Letter to the Editor.

Rev. Leroy B. Lowery, Ret.
Darlington, S.C.

Thumbs up to Andrea Knapp

Thumbs up to the Letter to the Editor on July 22, 2015 issue from Andrea Knapp, Rally Cry Citizens of Darlington.

We do need to elect people who will work to not only bring new business to Darlington, but to work for all the people in our community.

With an election, we can do this by electing a candidate who will and has done this as a member of city council for over 14 years. Gloria Hines has the experience and qualified to move the city forward.

We also need a few citizens to step forward and run for city council.

Johnny August
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Duane Childers

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