Letters to the Editor – July 27, 2016

Plea to all Animal Lovers

The Darlington County Humane Society received today (July 20) an incredible $5,000 matching fund offer to help us better the conditions of our shelter.
As you are aware, our shelter was struck with tragedy a week ago when a huge lightening storm ripped through our county and caused two of our dogs on the outside kennel run to die of electrocution.

Folks on social media learned of our tragedy and they wanted to help. They wanted to make a difference. To that end, we created a ChipIn so folks could give to help build a better and safer shelter.

With funds already received through this ChipIn, we are embarking upon re-doing the left side of the big dog run where the two dogs died. We will be re-designing this side so it mimics the right side of the run that does not serve as an electrical conduit in stormy weather and also dramatically decreases the stress level in the kennel with the hip high cinder block design.

As of right now, we have $445 of the $5000 goal and then the $5000 match kicks in for a total of $10,000 raised. (Note: $6800 was raised and then the matching fund offer came in). Might you be able to push and help us promote this incredible opportunity for folks in the community to give, have their funding matched and help our homeless pets? Funds raised in this matching challenge will go towards our dream of building an inside facility to more appropriately and safely house our cats. Currently, most of our cats are sitting in tiny cages in hot sheds and some are lucky enough to make into our outside habitats.

We are really pushing hard on social media for folks to hop aboard and help our pets but we also need the help of animal lovers everywhere to get the word out and really bring some UMPH to our campaign.

You can actively follow our campaign on our Facebook page and would love for you to join in all the fun!

Susan Blakeney
DCHS Volunteer

Giving Link: www.youcaring.com/dchs-rescue-600872
Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/darlingtoncountyhs.rescue
To mail funds directly, send to:
Darlington County Rescue Team
P.O. Box 503 Darlington, SC 29540
Please note on the subject line that the gift is for rebuilding the shelter, and make checks payable to : DCHS

Author: Duane Childers

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