Letters to the Editor – August 5, 2015

Reader responds to Planned Parenthood

The revelation that Planned Parenthood has been, and still is, selling the various parts of aborted babies is causing a great furor across America and around the world.
For those who have been a part of the churches I have had the privilege to Pastor, I tried to keep them informed concerning the issue of abortion on demand in this country, and its horrible consequences. I preached my entire ministry on the sanctity of life and how it needed to be protected. But the killing only got worse. Worse in its methods. Worse in its hardening of the hearts of this nation.

I, along with many others, preached for several years that the body parts of these innocent children of God were being sold to the highest bidder. Bible-believing Protestants, Roman Catholics, Christian organizations like Focus on the Family and the American Family Associations along with millions of other Americans tried to stem the tide of this horrible practice. We marched, we prayed, we wrote, we voted, all seemingly to no avail. And now, here we are with the undeniable facts before our eyes of what the abortionists have been and still are continuing to do. They are killing babies people and selling the body parts for money!

The question now is, what are we going to do about this?

Our politicians have continued to vote Planned Parenthood over $500 Million tax dollars each year. We Pro-Life people have been begging them for years to stop this; will they cut these funds now?

Preachers in the pulpits of thousands of churches have been silent; will they speak for the unborn now?

Liberal politicians, school teachers, college professors, newspaper editors, television producers and Hollywood have supported this ongoing killing for over forty years resulting in over 50 million dead babies, will they change now?

Time will tell.

But one thing is sure. When America stands before God at the final Day of Judgment, we cannot say we did not know.

Rev. Leroy B. Lowery, Ret.
Darlington, S.C.

Reader say Knapp was “spot on”

Andrea Knapp was spot on in her observations about the city of Darlington. I have been a resident of Darlington County for 20+ years and I’m sad to say that we haven’t just been stagnant in economic development but downright stuck. A vast majority of issues that plague us are common sense issues. To expand a little on Ms. Knapp’s thoughts, the city will explain that it takes time for tree removal or trash pick-up or other city services because the manpower isn’t available or there’s a budget shortfall and therefore no money to pay for those services. We all know that you combat that by increasing the tax base and one way to do that is by soliciting and welcoming in new businesses.

For all intents and purposes this should be a simple premise, but if you don’t have forward thinking and progressive minded people running the city you wind up with the present state of the city. It is telling that Hartsville and Florence have outdone Darlington in the last several years with widespread development and Darlington has virtually stood still. Only in the last several years have we seen a few welcomed businesses invest in our area, both city and county.

One other glaring omission is that of a first rate hotel/motel in the area. Why should visitors have to lodge in Florence or Hartsville for a race weekend that’s right here in Darlington. It makes no since at all and it’s an economic negative on this community. The race is a virtual “golden goose” and we have not taken advantage of it. It’s not like we don’t have the space for businesses to invest in.

The county doesn’t get a free pass on this either because the first impressions of Darlington are long before you get to the city and we have several eyesores along every entrance and egress of the county.

The bottom line is we are supposed to have representatives in both city and county governments to research where we are and where we want to be, to foster growth and enrich our communities.

When a candidate for office proposes a pay increase for municipal government before they are even elected to office tells me that they aren’t looking to enrich the community but themselves instead. And besides, the city doesn’t have the funds for that increase anyway. That says a lot about the mindset of those that are representing us.

Darryl K Stapleton

Author: Duane Childers

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