Letters to the Editor – August 12, 2015

Reader expresses concern with Southern 500 Parade

It’s great we are going to have a Southern 500 Parade after missing it for so many years. But why would you change the parade route from coming through downtown, moving it from Edwards Avenue straight to Raceway? The old route from Warley Street down Spring Street around Square and down Pearl Street was great. All the folks along the route could just walk out of their homes and view it.

Was reported in the last week N & P that DDRA has purchased banners to line Pearl Street during race weekend, they say to build up Darlington and attract visitors.
With moving the parade route race fans won’t see the banners much less the new mural on Pearl Street.

And a 7 p.m. start? What are you thinking? The parade should not change route.

Johnny August
Darlington, S.C.

Reader enjoyed GOP debate

It was a joy indeed to listen to the 17 Republican candidates share their thoughts and goals for a hurting country. How refreshing for them to talk with some common sense, and to use the name of God and His Son, Jesus Christ in the political arena and on national television. I do not know which of these people will eventually end up with the nomination but I told my wife, “Anything on that platform would be better than what we have now and what the Democrats are offering America.” Hillary Clinton as President! Have we lost our minds! That lying, power hungry, money grubbing woman will sell this nation to the highest bidder as she already has during her time as the Secretary of State. By the way, what happened to the Democratic Party we knew as children? My family looked to, voted for and supported the Party of Truman, Kennedy and other leaders. Then something happened. That party now has betrayed the Constitution and the people of America. Sad, sad.

Rev. Leroy Lowery, Ret.
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Duane Childers

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