Letter to the Editor

Some people think because things don’t work in their favor, they just won’t give a care what they have. They think that everything is supposed to be given to them without working hard and they forget what God has already given them. So, they decided they wanted to be greedy and they have to have everything in the whole wide world. Even rich people aren’t satisfied with what they’ve got because what God gave them is not enough to make them happy. So, they decided they will just stomp on what God has given them to carry them through.
Many people overlook their blessings because it’s not as glamorous as what they desire. But, what we want consists of work, changes and making decisions. And, if we are not ready to make the effort to keep these things then, we don’t need them because, without the work, we are going to lose them anyway. Whether by confiscation or by damage because of severe neglect, which puts you in a weary position, knowing that you had your desires but, you didn’t have a decisive mind to keep it. Because you wanted it all, without a mature mind, just like the Prodigal Son. Now, to get back what you want…If the Lord’s willing the work that you didn’t, it won’t be the first time it’s going to increase this round because, you have to be tested hard due to previous failures.

Ollie Ethel Dewitt
Darlington, SC

Author: Stephan Drew

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