Legislative Update

From Senator Kevin L. Johnson, District 36- Clarendon, Darlington, Florence, and Sumter Counties

We have now completed the 3rd month of the 121st session of the South Carolina General Assembly. Although we’re slowly progressing through the Senate calendar I continue to be disappointed that we have not spent a lot of time addressing funding for the improvement and repair of our highway infrastructure. I am still convinced that that is most important for this legislative session. I have joined with several of my Senate colleagues in asking that the Legislative Audit Council review the SC Department of Transportation. The Legislative Audit Council has assured us that this would be done by late April. I continue to support ethics reform and it appears that we’ll be debating the House version (H.3772) of the ethics bill soon. I have also spent a great deal of time this month in a medical affairs subcommittee discussing bill H.3114, Pain Capable Unborn Protection Act.

This month the following bills were passed by the Senate and carried over to the House of Representatives: S.3, which deals with Criminal Domestic Violence; S.373, SC Retirement System; S.379, which deals with county tax officials; S.398, Magistrates eligibility examination; S.193, commercial driver’s license; S.304, which covers contracts to buy power; S.375, local government; S.534, Clarendon County School District property tax relief; S.179, which deals with the definition of Alcoholic Liquors; S.350, SC Community Economic Development Act; S.167, dealing with hearing aids; S.339, Hope’s Law; S.361, which deals with automobile insurance; S.413, Pharmacists; S.454, Hunting & Fishing Licenses; S.374, Nonjudicial candidates; S.436, which deals with the election of judges; S.555, Nursing board fees; S. 357, Immunity from liability for providing free healthcare services; S. 381, which deals with leave and lump sum payments; S. 391, In-state tuition rates for military personnel; S. 407, which deals with corporate officers.

Many different sentiments are still being expressed in reference to the issues at South Carolina State University. Several bills have recently been introduced in the House and Senate. All of these bills will require new leadership at SCSU. It is my hope that the General Assembly will provide the necessary financial assistance to the University that will allow the students to continue to receive a quality education.

Senator Thomas McElveen and I requested that the SC Senate initiate a formal inquiry into the current State of the Pinewood Hazardous Waste Site. A hearing has been set for Wednesday, May 13, 2015 from 9-11 am.

Please remember to visit www.scsenate.gov to see the bills that I have sponsored and co-sponsored as well as to receive more information about the aforementioned bills. As always, please contact my office with any concerns or needs you have. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Contact Information:
Senate Office of Kevin L. Johnson, PO Box 142, Columbia, SC 29202. Email: kevinjohnson@scsenate.gov
Ashley Stewart -Administrative Assistant Office Telephone: (803) 212- 6048

Author: Duane Childers

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