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The Darlington Library took visitors back in time with a July 16 presentation by author James M. Scott, whose latest book examines the daring aerial assault missions conducted by Jimmy Doolittle’s “Raiders” in April of 1942.

In “Target Tokyo,” Scott explores the impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and how the American military subsequently planned a devastating retribution. Through exhaustive research into U.S. and Japanese archives, Scott unearthed photos and documents that illuminate the daring and bravery of Doolittle’s pilots (including Darlington’s own Billy Farrow), the ingenuity and impact of the raid, and the human cost inherent to war.

While the Doolittle Raid is are the centerpiece of the book, Scott includes context that brings new urgency to the Allied mission in the Pacific, namely by examining the cruelty inflicted by the Japanese on innocent Chinese civilians – a campaign of terror that claimed over 250,000 lives.

“Target Tokyo: Jimmy Doolittle And The Raid That Avenged Pearl Harbor” by James M. Scott is available now at bookstores and online sellers.

Author: Jana Pye

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