Jackson announces his bid for Mayor of Darlington

My name is William Jackson and I’m running for Mayor of Darlington, SC. I pledge to fight hard to lead Darlington into a new chapter in her life. Our past leaders have laid a solid foundation to build upon which is happening as we speak. The next 4-8 years will be very fundamental to what happens to Darlington as not only a place to live but as a viable city for us all.

William Jackson

Darlington is in dire need of an energetic person who not only loves Darlington and her people but understands investment, community and has a higher calling for civic duty. I have that deep heart-felt desire to see Darlington become the true Pearl of the Pee Dee.

I am without a doubt ready to lead Darlington into a new era. Older ways of doing business and handling issues need to be transformed into policy that will move Darlington forward and take advantage of a faster moving pace. While I am a product of both Darlington (city) public schools and Florence-Darlington Technical college I also bring to the table 24 years of business experience in the industrial sector dealing with the South East’s manufacturing plants as well as global suppliers to these plants.

Elizabeth and I sought Darlington to be our home soon after we were married. As a child I remembered how nice it was living in an area that was friendly and most everyone knew each other by name. We are members of Central Baptist Church and enjoy being so. Although we do not have children ourselves we do have many adopted children and charities in Darlington and the area.

Elizabeth is a heavily degreed early childhood educator with Florence School District One. She is from, as we always preface it, “The big city of Blenheim” which is a Marlboro county city just across the river known for its hot ginger ale. Anyone who knows her will say that she is the glue that holds things together. Currently I am a factory representative of Bray Controls, which is a global industrial valve manufacturer in Houston Texas. I work on a state wide level helping SC manufacturing plants solve their manufacturing problems. After starting in the warehouse of a local industrial supply house and seeing that I had a knack for identifying problems and creating solutions, I started to study and further understand these processes which added to my ability to serve my customer. Throughout my tenure in the industry I have held several positions to including co-ownership responsibilities. I have developed and implemented business plans, balanced P&L sheets, worked through personnel issues and fully understand the importance of sweeping the floor.

Campaign Pledge: 100% of my Mayors salary will be donated to local Darlington city charities

Thank you in advance for your confidence in me to lead Darlington into the future.

Author: Duane Childers

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