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Nehemiah Squire chosen to play AAU All American Football in Virginia Beach, VA

By Jana E. Pye, Editor,

When Nehemiah “Nemo” Squire was just a toddler, his parents knew they had an athlete in their home. The family spoke to the News and Press prior to the National AAU Middle School All American Football game in Virginia Beach on May 30th where Squire will represent Darlington and South Carolina.

Nehemiah Squire, age 12, with his family, parents Prentice and Lekeisha Squire, and little sister Zian, age 11.

Nehemiah Squire, age 12, with his family, parents Prentice and Lekeisha Squire, and little sister Zian, age 11.

“He learned to swing out of his crib before he was a year old,” said his mom, Lekeisha Squire.

“We couldn’t figure out how he was doing it, so we peeked around his doorway from the hall,” says his father, Prentice Squire. “We put the crib mattress down as low as it would go, but he was so strong he figured out how to hoist his body weight up with his arms.”

“I even found him one day hanging by his hands onto the towel rack in the bathroom,” continued Lakeisha. “I was shocked when I saw him there, and he pulled up like he was doing chin lifts. He looked so determined, like he knew just what he was doing.”

As he grew, his athletic prowess continued. He tried a few sports, but found football to be his niche.

“I knew when I was playing for the Darlington Recreation Department that was going to be my sport,” said Nehemiah. “I just love it.”

The problem was, he got to be so strong that his parents were concerned he would be too much for the other kids.

“I know it sounds crazy, but we were more worried about the other kids on the field than our own son,” said Prentice. “We knew we had to find a more challenging place for him to play.”

The family decided on the AAU South Carolina is a travel team. His team name is Warriors, based out of Charleston – Summerville area, and plays at the Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston.
Ever the innovator, Nehemiah has created his own training program with the help of his father, and his grandfather’s farmland and barn has inspired him to create challenging routines. He was seen pulling a heavy tire – with the rims intact – across the field on his own.

The family home schools their children, so the travel with AAU becomes part of their daily curriculum. They also adhere to a very healthy organic and whole-foods diet, which greatly enhances their son’s athletic ability.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

There are many teams in Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia has two or three. Myrtle Beach is getting one, and Marion is talking about getting one.

“The experience has been great,” says Prentice. “The exposure has been unbelievable. AAU has rankings, and media days; he is ranked as one of the top middle school players in the world right now.”
Nehemiah is a running back (RB) class of 2022; he currently weighs 150 pounds, and is extremely fast.

As Nemo prepares for what will be his biggest game, he shared that he relies on his faith to get over the jitters:

“I just thank God for the talent he gave me, and I ask him to help me on the field.”

According to Beady Waddell, State Director for South Carolina AAU Football, this local athlete has a bright future.

“Nehemiah Squire “Nemo” as we call him, also participated in this combine and finished as our #1 12u (Ages 11-13) Participant placing Top 3 in all events including the 40 yd Dash, L Drill, Shuttle Drill, and Broad Jump. Nemo played for our 12u Low Country Warriors program and made the All State Team and All American Team for South Carolina AAU Football. He is an extremely awesome student athlete. He is a leader and hard worker. He has such a bright future because he is well-mannered, smart, a great leader, and has an extremely high work ethic. He is a coach’s dream because he is so easy to coach”

When Nehemiah is old enough to play high school football, his parents will be looking into allowing him to play for a high school team; under new homeschool guidelines, homeschooled students are able to play for public schools.

According to Mr. Waddell with the AAU, they will miss having him in the program when that time arrives. “Nemo will go as far in life as he wants to go because he has be instilled to have faith in God and his abilities and he has the traits on the field and off the field to excel.”

Author: Duane Childers

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