Hartsville City Council passes new resolution

By Stephan Drew, Editor
On Tuesday, September 27, Hartsville City Council held a Special Meeting to discuss a resolution regarding the exterior design and colors of the buildings at Hartsville Crossing. The location, which includes the Walmart building, has operated under this resolution for years and, this meeting was held to discuss approving or changing those regulations.
City Manager Daniel Moore cited the history of the resolution and the changes proposed when he said, “In 2001, this was brought in as a planned district. With that, there were development standards that were applied to the district that only applied to that section. Part of it were design standards that made sure that Walmart would only be painted in a grey and green color scheme. Walmart does go through a rebranding sometimes and they have requested several times to repaint.”
Walmart submitted a written request to the Planning Commission to revise the standards so that they could change the originally approved exterior façade colors from tan and forest greet to earth tone grays and blue. Moore stated, “The Planning Commission met about it. There was a great discussion about the pros and cons of doing this. They ultimately decided to move forward with a recommendation to City Council to amend the Development Codes to allow Walmart to go forward with their new proposed color scheme which is the blue and a new yellow badge for the logo.” The measure was approved unanimously.
Council also discussed actions that were being taken to prepare for possible storm and water damage from Hurricane Ian. Moore explained that the city is monitoring the storm’s progress and intensity and would be able to further prepare once Gov. McMaster had issued his statement.
Council then went into Executive Session. Hartsville City Council will meet again on October 11 at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, located at 100 E. Carolina Ave., in Hartsville.

Author: Stephan Drew

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