Gifting those who live far away

People move away for many reasons, including access to better jobs, a lower cost of living, mandatory job relocation, or to attend school. Some people enjoy seeing the world and make frequent travel part of their lifestyles.

Distant friends and family members may be out of sight but certainly not out of mind come the holidays. Even though not everyone can get together for Christmas dinner or to light the Chanukah menorah, there are ways to show those special people across the country — or around the world — just how much they are appreciated.

Although video chatting, texting and email can make it easier to stay in touch, distance can make sharing the holidays and gifts a bit more challenging. However, these gifting ideas and tips can make easy work out of sending holiday cheer across the globe.

Food can be a one-size-fits all gift. Exploring the offerings of food gifts, one will quickly find there are all types of options. If a recipient is living overseas or on the opposite side of the country, gift a favorite local food from his or her hometown. Cookie or fruit bouquets can be shipped and are universally enjoyed gifts. Treat towers, popcorn, cheeses, and much more are available for holiday giving.

Consider size
Large, heavy items will cost more to ship. Therefore, small gifts may be more practical. Consult with the post office or a preferred shipping provider about their pricing. Otherwise, consider shipping directly to a loved one’s house. Online retailers usually give shoppers a choice of shipping address, and free or low-cost shipping may be included.

Leave ample time for delivery
The holiday season is a busy time of year for the shipping industry. While shipping companies try their best to get items to recipients in a timely manner, delays can occur. The best way to ensure that gifts arrive on time is to send them a week or two in advance, which also saves gift-givers from having to pay extra for rush shipping. The US Postal Service says international deliveries can take between seven and 21 days to arrive, so leave more time for overseas gifts.

Try a subscription service
Subscription services, such as beauty boxes, recipe boxes and meal kits, can be a great way to keep the gifts arriving long after the holidays have come and gone.

Avoid breakables
Stick to gifts that will ship well; otherwise, you may have to spend extra time and money wrapping and insuring items. Clothing gifts, blankets, stuffed animals, books, and other durable gifts can be shipped with ease and peace of mind.
Gifting loved ones who live far away requires a little extra effort. But that extra effort will show friends and family members just how much they’re loved.

Author: Rachel Howell

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