DHEC lists quarantine cases by school

Students at Brockington Magnet School for Science and Technology in Darlington take part in “Wild About Reading” day recently. PHOTO COURTESY OF DCSD

By Bobby Bryant, Editor


New figures from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control may help explain why Darlington County School District officials feel that they can stay the course and avoid closing schools, at least for now. On Sept. 15, DHEC launched a new system of reporting COVID numbers from the state’s schools. This new weekly report for K-12 public, private and charter schools includes data on the number of students and staff who are quarantined now because of “close contact” with infected people, and cumulative totals for the school year so far. Darlington County Education Superintendent Tim Newman has emphasized how disruptive quarantines can be; if one player on a team tests positive for COVID, virtually the whole team and possibly the coaching staff must be quarantined for several days. But he says quarantine numbers in the DCSD have been steadily dropping, and DHEC’s new data show current numbers that seem reassuringly low. Here are the DCSD schools listed on DHEC’s new tracking system. These numbers show “total quarantined students and staff” as of Sept. 15, and cumulative totals for each school since the school year began roughly six weeks ago. DHEC lists the schools in alphabetical order. Bay Road Elementary, 3. Total for school year, 28. Brockington Elementary, 19. Total for school year, 49. Carolina Elementary, 4. Total for school year, 16. Darlington County Institute for Technology, no report. Darlington High, 34. Total for school year, 186. Darlington Middle, no report. Hartsville High, 30. Total for school year, 175. Hartsville Middle, 37. Total for school year, 147. Cain Elementary, no report. Lamar High, 4. Total for school year, 98. Lamar-Spaulding Elementary, 20. Total for school year, 160. Mayo High, 12. Total for school year, 44. North Hartsville Elementary, 9. Total for school year, 62. Pate Elementary, 15. Total for school year, 62. Rosenwald Elementary/Middle, 2. Total for school year, 12. Spaulding Middle, 11. Total for school year, 66. St. John’s Elementary, 7. Total for school year, 94. Thornwell School for the Arts, 5. Total for school year, 49. DHEC’s previous “school cases” dashboard was updated on Tuesdays and Fridays. The new system will be updated once a week, on Wednesdays.

Author: Stephan Drew

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