DEVOTIONAL: Deliverance: Developing a biblical worldview

By Frankie Tanner, Pastor Emeritus

Mechanicsville Baptist Church

What can be written or spoken that will make a difference in someone’s life? This was the first question that entered my mind when asked to share devotional thoughts with my local newspaper. After being a resident of Darlington County for over 25 years, as one of our local pastors, my passion is to encourage people to “just do what the Bible says to do!” We, as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, have a blueprint of how to live in our world around us – it is the Bible. At the present time I am doing primary caregiving with my mother, Emily Tanner – keep her and us in your prayers during this season of life. Never has the “word of God” been more precious to me. Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of a prayer meeting at the Square called forth by our mayor. Several weeks ago I attended a health care in-service at the Sheriff’s Office. In fact, during the week of writing this article, some concerned believers joined together for a concert of prayer to enhance the spiritual life of our community. This was an opportunity to share with my community a suggestion for “ongoing deliverance” from the Bible. The passage from the Bible was from the book of James Chapter 4 verses 7 through 11. This biblical model has helped me and countless others move from “de-evil” to “de-life.” We understand this language here in the South. These devotions and meetings should be stepping-stones as we work together to decrease violence, enhance health care awareness and join our hearts to experience a fresh spiritual awakening in our community! Just do what the Bible says to do! 1. Submit to God – stay under His authority. 2. Resist the devil – he will flee from you. 3. Draw near to God – He will draw near to you. 4. Humble yourself – by cleansing hands, hearts and mind. Guess what? The result – every time – God will exalt or deliver you! This is the more abundant life of John 10:10. Listen – if not, we continue to experience the stealing, the killing and the destroying! If you haven’t developed a biblical worldview of living – start today. We can make a difference in the ministry of deliverance! So what is the practical application of all this “biblical stuff”? I am glad you asked. It really gets down to a very personal matter for each of us – it’s called life and the choices we make each day. As I remind myself and anyone who reads this my bias is the Bible – what the Word of God says! For instance, to give “authority of my life” to God is not easy – “submission” is not a very popular subject. However, I remember when the practice of “submission” became a reality in my own personal walk with the Lord – it works! Almost immediately it became a practice to “resist” the work of the enemy (especially at home and even at church). That brings us to experience more of His presence because in drawing near to Him, “He draws near to us!” Experiencing God always shows us His holiness and our sinfulness – this is where the cleansing and humiliation causes us to seek purification of our total being – hands, hearts and minds! Now, we are ready because the next step is God’s work – Deliverance! The birth of spiritual awakening happens when we get broken enough and open enough to be filled enough for God to use us enough for our world to see “His Glory.” Who knows, today may be another opportunity for deliverance because we simply did what the Bible says to do!

Author: Stephan Drew

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