Democratic Primary – Treasurer

Candidates for Treasurer: (listed in alphabetical order as there is no incumbent in this election)
Glenda B. Atkinson and Robin Slater Edwards

Note: The winner of this Democratic Primary election will face the Republican candidate Jeffery Robinson in the November election.

1. Please share a little about yourself, and why you want to run for this office.

Glenda B. Atkinson
“I am a graduate of Francis Marion University. I spent two years studying Accounting and went on to get a degree in Political Science. I currently work for She Magazine and my past jobs have included Sales and Marketing Director at The Messenger in Hartsville and Palmetto Furniture in Society Hill. I am a lifelong resident of Hartsville and married to Mike Atkinson and have one son, Drew, and we live on our family farm.

Glenda B. Atkinson, left and Robin Slater Edwards, right.

Glenda B. Atkinson, left and Robin Slater Edwards, right.

I am running for Darlington County Treasurer because I want to serve. I think the county is moving forward and needs new people in leadership positions. More women need to run for office and I hope to encourage others by my example.”

Robin Slater Edwards
“I was born and raised in Darlington County. My late husband, Marion Joseph Edwards, passed away in 2004; we had four children together, Kevin, Dion, Alicia and Quincy- who passed away in 2009. They were all educated in the Darlington County School System.. I am a 1977 graduate of St. John’s High School, and began working in the Darlington County Treasurer’s Office to the following year.

I believe in giving back to my community, and have volunteered with the Athletic Booster Club, and have been a cheerleading coach with the Darlington Area Recreation Department for the past 22 years.

I would like to run for this office because I would like to share the experience and the knowledge I have learned in the last 38 years with the citizens of Darlington County.”

2. What is the most important quality in a good treasurer that is needed for Darlington County?

Glenda B. Atkinson
“The most important quality needed is integrity.”

Robin Slater Edwards
“The most important quality a treasurer should have are what my family has always practiced: honesty dependability, dedication loyalty, and the ability to work with people.”

3. Can you describe the duties of the office of treasurer? Are you willing to put in the long hours the job requires?

Glenda B. Atkinson
“The main duty of the office is to serve the citizens of the county by collecting taxes, investing surplus funds and making the sure the funds are correctly disbursed. I am willing to put in the long hours and do whatever it takes to get the job done successfully. I would like to use the latest technology to make the office more efficient.”

Robin Slater Edwards
“The duties of the treasurer’s office include the collection property taxes, vehicle and real property, and receiving revenue collected. Yes, I am willing to put up the long hours I’ll do what it takes to get the job done. I’ve working in that office for 38 years and am ready to do whatever it take to get the job done.”

4. What qualifies you to be a treasurer? Do you have a financial or accounting background? Please share your experience with accounting and dealing with large budgets.

Glenda B. Atkinson
“I am the only candidate that has studied any accounting on the college level. I think that makes me the best qualified for the job. I will consider going back to college to get a degree in Accounting and become a CPA after I win the election. I have handled budgets in previous jobs and accounting for small businesses. And my college degree shows that I have the ability to learn.”

Robin Slater Edwards
“There is a lot to be said about on the job experience versus learning it in the classroom. I learned from the best, and have been in this office for the past 38 years day in, day out, actually working and knowing the job inside and out will allow the transition to go smoothly. Instead of training someone on how to do this job, I already know it. Hands on training is the best way to truly do this important job correctly.”

5. What are your thoughts on how the overcharge of county taxes was handled? How would you have handled it? Do you feel the people should have been repaid?

Glenda B. Atkinson
“I hope to never make the mistake of overcharging the taxpayers. I think that the decision made was the best for the county and the least costly way of dealing with the error.”

Robin Slater Edwards
“There has been a lot of confusion about this issue. The office of the treasurer only receives money. We do not determine property tax amounts at all. The Assessor’s Office determines appraisal values for real property, and the Auditor calculates the tax. We all work together for the taxpayers, but in this case, the overcharge had nothing to do with the treasurer’s office. We receive funds, invest and safeguard them, and to disburse the funds as directed – such as the case of an overpayment.

So, to answer your question, I would not have handled it any other way because in our office, the treasurer’s office, had no part in the appraisal values. The county administrator and county council handled it in the best possible way in the situation.”

Author: Duane Childers

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