Darlington Tree Board discusses new trees for Cashua Street

Yoshino cherry tree

Yoshino cherry tree

By Jana E. Pye, Editor, editor@newsandpress.net

The City of Darlington Tree Board met on Monday, January 26th to discuss the planting of Okame and Yoshino cherry trees on the length of Cashua Street from Warley Street to the Markette #22, just past the bridge over Swift Creek.
The trees will replace the Bradford Pears that were removed due to the damage they made to the existing sidewalks.
The cherry trees will add color in two seasons,” said City Planner Lisa Chalian- Rock. “The cherry blossoms in the spring, and their leaves change in the fall.”

Okame Cherry tree in bloom

Okame Cherry tree in bloom

The Okame cherry tree has a pink blossom in early spring, and their leaves change to yellow-orange; the Yoshino has a more pale pink bloom.

The added bonus is that they remain a manageable size- for not only sidewalks, but for power lines as well.

The tree board also reviewed plans by Genesis Healthcare, which will be adding new trees to their property after new construction on the Cashua Street side of their medical complex. Genesis will be removing the berm, pecan trees, and a magnolia tree. The developer of their renovation will replace with 5 – 6 dogwood trees along Cashua Street, and 2 – 3 dogwood trees on Oak Street.

Their next meeting will be held on April 27 at 5:30 p.m. at the city administration building conference room at 410 Pearl Street.

Darlington was named a Tree City USA for the 17th year in a row in April of last year.

Rock also noted that many of the “Pots on the Square” also have young cherry trees planted within them; once mature, they may be removed and planted in other areas around the city, serving a dual purpose and a cost effective way to add color and beauty to the city.

Kalmia Garden Study Club members with one of the  pots on square

Kalmia Garden Study Club members with one of the pots on square

A dedication ceremony for those pots will be held in celebration of the planting of 31 trees around the Public Square at 10 a.m. Friday, February 13, at the Darlington Veterans Memorial at the corner of Main and Orange Streets. The short service will recognize all who donated to the project. Attendees are encouraged to walk the Square to read the individual plaques and enjoy some refreshments at the Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce, 38 Public Square. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held in the Chamber office.

Author: Jana Pye

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