County plans to boost rural recreation

By Samantha Lyles, Staff Writer,


Darlington County Recreation is planning to revitalize parks usage and sports activities in the Society Hill and Dovesville area by relocating a full-time rec department program director from Hartsville.

At their July 6 regular meeting, Darlington County Council discussed this matter, though council was not of one mind on relocating Hartsville’s program director John Wall from his current post to further develop Lake Darpo and perhaps establish basketball and baseball/softball programs for rural residents.

“I’m all for promoting recreation in Dovesville and Society Hill,” said council member David Coker. “I just want my concerns to be on record that we’re taking an asset from Hartsville… and moving him to that area. I feel like he could do both from the Hartsville office.”

Coker cited Hartsville’s much larger population as factor for consideration, but council member Le Flowers noted that the combined rural population in that underserved northern area of Darlington County totals about 7,200. U.S. Census data lists Hartsville’s 2013 population at about 7,900.

Darlington County Council member Le Flowers

Darlington County Council member Le Flower

Flowers added that during his years of coaching recreation sports, he did not have players from areas like Society Hill, Dovesville, or Byrdtown due to lack of transportation.

“We had a lot of kids that did not get to participate because of transportation issues,” said Flowers. He later called the move “a fantastic opportunity to return services to a much-needed area of our county.”

County administrator Terence Arrington said that rec department employees can be retasked from one community to another when programs need additional staff, and said this move could be reevaluated after about six months.



In other matters, council approved a bid contract of $310,793 for low bidder C.R. Jackson to pave six county roads: Lotus Circle, Tomac Road, Country Side Drive, Canyon Drive, Whitehall Lane, and Whitesands Drive. Funding for this project is provided through CTC (County Transportation Committee) Pin # CPO 27750. Base for the paving project will be prepared by the Darlington County Roads and Bridges department.

Read more about this meeting in the July 15 edition of the News and Press.

Author: Samantha Lyles

Staff writer for Darlington News and Press

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