UPDATE: list of supplies to share at the Falcon Relief at The Nest

Falcon Relief at the Nest

This is what South Carolina is all about. Friends helping friends. Football games turned into an opportunity to help others.

Falcon Flood Relief Project
As you know, many in our state have been hit hard by the recent flooding. While the Darlington High School Falcons pride themselves on playing hard on the field, it is even more important to show sportsmanship and caring in a time of need. The Falcons will play Manning H.S., Friday, October 9th, Crestwood H.S. from Sumter, Tuesday October 13th and Lakewood H.S., also from Sumter, Friday, October 16th. Many of the students from these schools have suffered losses due to the flooding. We would like to send items to these three teams to help their students and their families and show support for the affected schools in our region. Several clubs at DHS will be taking up items to send to send back with the teams or directly to the schools. If you would like to donate, please send or bring items to the games this Friday and next Tuesday. Please find a list below of the items needed.

Needed Goods

Bedding/Wash                   Cleaning Supplies                    Children’s Items
Washcloths                              Disinfectant                                     Diapers
Towels                                       Bleach                                               Baby wipes
Blankets                                    Mops                                                 Baby formula
Sheets                                        Buckets                                             Baby food (canned)
Pillows                                       Rubber Gloves                                Water (bottled)
Pillow cases                              Sponges                                            Pedialyte
Sleeping bags                           Brooms
Cots                                            Plastic trash bags

Food (Non-Perishable)     Medical Supplies                     Paper Supplies
Pop-top canned goods              Non-prescription drugs               Plates
Dry cereal                                    Band-Aids                                       Bowls
Peanut butter                              Tape                                                 Cups
Dry milk                                       Ointments                                       Paper towels
Gatorade                                      Spray                                                Toilet paper
Prepackaged snack items


Author: Jana Pye

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